Puget Sound Surgical, Inc., sells replacement parts for 3M Mini Drivers.

We also repair and refurbish 3M Mini Drivers.

3M Mini Driver Vane Barbed Stem
3M Mini Driver VaneBarbed Stem

3M K100 Mini Driver, Motor Vane 

PKG. of 4


 3M A201 Air Hose Barbed Stem



Hose Coupling Stem Cap
Hose CouplingStem Cap

3M A201 Air Hose Hose Coupling

3M A201 Air Hose Stem Cap



Intake Exhaust Spacer Intake Exhaust Stem
Intake Exhaust SpacerIntake Exhaust Stem

3M K100 Mini Driver  Intake Exhaust Spacer

3M K200 Mini Driver Intake Exhaust Stem



Intake Exhaust Stem Motor Base Cap
Intake Exhaust StemMotor Base Cap

3M K100 Mini Driver Intake Exhaust Stem

3M K100 Mini Driver Motor Base Cap




Planetary Gear Micro Rear Cannula
Planetary Gear MicroRear Cannula

3M K120 Mini Driver Planetary Gear Micro

3M K100 Mini Driver Rear Cannula