Puget Sound Surgical, Inc., sells replacement parts for 3M Mini Driver and Maxi Driver Attachments.

We also repair and refurbish 3M Mini Driver and Maxi Driver Attachments. 

3M Jacobs Shank Blade Compression Spacer
3M Jacobs ShankBlade Compression Spacer

3M K110 Mini Driver Attachment, Jacobs Chuck Shank



3M K220 Mini Driver Attachment, Blade Compression Spacer




Jacobs Chuck Shaft 9 Ball Collet
Jacobs Chuck Shaft9 Ball Collet

3M L110 Maxi Driver Attachment, Jacobs Chuck Shaft


3M K111 Mini Driver Attachment, 9 Ball Pin Collet 




Attachment Body Attachment Collar
Attachment BodyAttachment Collar

3M L112 Maxi Driver Attachment Body

3M Maxi Driver Attachment, Collar Nut 





Attachment Nose Piece Blade Holder Tapered
Attachment Nose PieceBlade Holder Tapered

3M L112 Maxi Driver Attachment, Nose Piece

3M L120 Maxi Driver Attachment, Tapered Blade Holder 





Blade Locating Shaft Blade Lock Back Plate
Blade Locating ShaftBlade Lock Back Plate

3M K220 Mini Driver Attachment, Blade Locating Shaft

3M K220 Mini Driver Attachment, Blade Lock Back Plate 




Blade Lock Cap Blade Lock Screw
Blade Lock CapBlade Lock Screw

3M K220 Mini Driver Attachment, Blade Lock Cap

3M K220 / G220 Mini Driver Attachment, Blade Lock Screw



Drive Block Drive Shaft Hudson
Drive BlockDrive Shaft Hudson

3M K120 Mini Driver Attachment, Drive Block

3M G115 Maxi Driver Attachment, Hudson Drive Shaft 




Handle Retaining Screw Head Shaft Pin
Handle Retaining ScrewHead Shaft Pin

3M L111 Maxi Driver Attachment, Pin Collet Handle Retaining Screw

3M K120 Mini Driver Attachment, Head Shaft Drive Pin




Jacobs Chuck Adapter Jacobs Chuck Taper
Jacobs Chuck AdapterJacobs Chuck Taper

3M K109 Mini Driver Attachment, Jacobs Chuck Adapter

3M K210 Mini Driver Attachment, Jacobs Chuck Taper



Nine Ball Collet Nose Piece
Nine Ball ColletNose Piece

3M L111 / G111 Maxi Driver Attachment, Nine Ball Collet


3M K111 Mini Driver Attachment, Nose Piece



Oscillating Head Oscillating Head
Oscillating HeadOscillating Head

3M G120 Maxi Driver Attachment, Oscillating Head

3M G220 Maxi Driver Attachment, Oscillating Head





Oscillating Head Oscillator Yoke
Oscillating HeadOscillator Yoke

3M K220 Mini Driver Attachment, Oscillating Head Yoke


3M L120A Maxi Driver Attachment, Oscillator Yoke





Planetary Drive Shaft Planetary Drive Shaft
Planetary Drive ShaftPlanetary Drive Shaft

3M L150 Maxi Driver Attachment, Planetary Drive Shaft


3M K120 Mini Driver Attachment, Planetary Drive Shaft





Protective Guard - Small Push Button Flat
Protective Guard - SmallPush Button Flat

3M D520 Mini Driver Attachment, Protective Guard - Small

3M L320 / L320A Maxi Driver Attachment, Flat Blade Release Push Button    





Push Button Round Reamer Shaft
Push Button RoundReamer Shaft

 3M G120 Maxi Driver Attachment, Round Blade Release Push Button 


3M G113 Maxi Driver Attachment, Reamer Shaft 





Reduction Drive Shaft Shaft Bushing
Reduction Drive ShaftShaft Bushing

3M L153 Maxi Driver Attachment, Reduction Drive Shaft


3M L112 Maxi Driver Attachment, Shaft Bushing





Step Pin
Step Pin

3M K120 Mini Driver Attachment, Step Pin