Puget Sound Surgical, Inc., sells replacement parts for Aesculap Surgical Drills and Saws.

We also repair and refurbish Aesculap Surgical Drills and Saws.

Aesculap Actuator Screw Actuator Screw
Aesculap Actuator ScrewActuator Screw

Aesculap, Actuator Screw, 3-56 thread

Aesculap, Actuator Screw, 4-48 thread




Attachment Drive Dog Burr Lock Nut
Attachment Drive DogBurr Lock Nut

Aesculap GB267, Attachment Drive Dog

Aesculap GB130R, Burr Lock Nut





Burr Lock Screw Collet Nut
Burr Lock ScrewCollet Nut

Aesculap, Burr Lock Screw

Aesculap GD305, Collet Nut





Drive Arm Osc Shaft
Drive ArmOsc Shaft

Aesculap GD305, Drive Arm

Aesculap GB128, Oscillator shaft




Recip Shaft Recip Shaft
Recip ShaftRecip Shaft

Aesculap GD305, Recip Shaft

Aesculap, Recip Shaft





Set Screw Valve Boby
Set ScrewValve Boby

Aesculap, Set Screw

Aesculap GA218, Air Hose Valve Boby




Motor Vane
Motor Vane

Aesculap, Motor Vane

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