Puget Sound Surgical, Inc., sells replacement parts for Hall Micro100 Surgical Drills and Saws.

We also repair and refurbish Hall Micro100 Surgical Drills and Saws.

5052 -10 HALL Hose Bearing Retaining Bushing
5052 -10 HALL HoseBearing Retaining Bushing

HALL 5052-10 Air Hose Complete 

Hall Micro100 1375-12, Bearing Retaining Bushing



Blade Lock Shaft Body End Cap
Blade Lock ShaftBody End Cap

Hall Micro100 5053-11, Blade Lock Shaft

Hall Micro100 5053-12, Body End Cap



Burr Guard Burr Lock Bearing Race
Burr GuardBurr Lock Bearing Race

Hall Micro100 1375-12, Burr Guard

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Burr Lock Bearing Race



Burr Lock Hub Burr Lock Sleeve
Burr Lock HubBurr Lock Sleeve

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Burr Lock Hub

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Burr Lock Sleeve



Burr Tip Bushing Burrlock Release Sleave
Burr Tip BushingBurrlock Release Sleave

Hall Micro100, Burr Tip Bushing

Hall Micro100 5058-01, Burrlock Release Sleave



Collet Compression Spacer
ColletCompression Spacer

Hall Micro100 5020-023, Collet

Hall Micro100 5053-11, Compression Spacer



Drive Dog Front Rotor Cap
Drive DogFront Rotor Cap

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Drive Dog

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Front Rotor Cap



Handle Hub Handle Mount
Handle HubHandle Mount

Hall Micro100, Handle Hub

Hall Micro100, Handle Mount




Impact Washer Intake Valve Housing
Impact WasherIntake Valve Housing

Hall Micro100 5059-05, Impact Washer

Hall Micro100 All Models, Intake Valve Housing



Linear Bearing Cage Main Shaft
Linear Bearing CageMain Shaft

Hall Micro100 5053-10, Linear Bearing Cage

Hall Micro100 5044-03, 5067-037, Main Shaft



Motor Drive Spacer Motor Rotor
Motor Drive SpacerMotor Rotor

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Motor Drive Spacer

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Motor Rotor



Motor Rotor Motor Sleeve
Motor RotorMotor Sleeve

Hall Micro100 5053, Surgairtome, Motor Rotor

Hall Micro100 5053-10, 5053-11 5053-12, Motor Sleeve



Motor Sleeve Osc Barrel
Motor SleeveOsc Barrel

Hall Micro100 5053-09, 5053-01,Motor Sleeve

Hall Micro100 5044-02, 5067-02, Osc Barrel



Osc Yoke Osc. Main Shaft
Osc YokeOsc. Main Shaft

Hall Micro100 5053-10, Osc Yoke

Hall Micro100 5053-11, Osc. Main Shaft



Pivot Head Bearing Cap Rear Rotor Cap
Pivot Head Bearing CapRear Rotor Cap

Hall Micro100 5053-11, Pivot Head Bearing Cap

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Rear Rotor Cap



Recip Swing Arm Safety Selector Switch
Recip Swing ArmSafety Selector Switch

Hall Micro100 5053-10, Recip Swing Arm

Hall Micro100 5050-01, 5053-12



Spindle Housing Spring Spacer
Spindle HousingSpring Spacer

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Spindle Housing

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Spring Spacer



Trigger Valve Housing Motor Sleeve
Trigger Valve HousingMotor Sleeve

Hall Micro100 5053, Trigger Valve Housing, Popet Housing

Hall Micro100  5053-09, Motor Sleeve 



Spindle Shaft
Spindle Shaft

Hall Micro100 5053-09, Spindle Shaft