Puget Sound Surgical, Inc., sells replacement parts for Midas Rex Surgical Drills and Saws.

We also repair and refurbish Midas Rex Surgical Drills and Saws, Air Hoses and Attachments

Air/Oil Seal Burr Lock Nut
Air/Oil SealBurr Lock Nut

Midas Rex, Wirlwind, Air/Oil Seal

Midas Rex, Burr Lock Nut





Bushing Cannula Sleeve
BushingCannula Sleeve

Midas Rex 3 GS20, Bushing

Midas Rex Am, Cannula Sleeve





Collet Compression Race Coupler Housing
Collet Compression RaceCoupler Housing

Midas Rex AT10, Collet Compression Race

Midas Rex Whirlwind, Coupler Housing




Coupler Stem Cup Seal
Coupler StemCup Seal

Midas Rex Whirlwind, Coupler Stem

Midas Rex 3, Cup Seal





Motor Cap Rear Motor End Cap
Motor CapRear Motor End Cap

Midas Rex, Motor Cap

Midas Rex, Rear Motor End Cap




Rotor Spendle Spacer Sleave
Rotor SpendleSpacer Sleave

Midas Rex whirlwind, Rotor Spendle

Midas Rex AM, Spacer Sleave





Tip Cap Tip Cap
Tip CapTip Cap

Midas Rex S6, Tip Cap

Midas Rex, Tip Cap





Tip Sleeve Tip Sleeve
Tip SleeveTip Sleeve

Midas Rex B, AM, Tip Sleeve

Midas Rex B, Tip Sleeve