Puget Sound Surgical, Inc., sells replacement parts for Synthes Surgical Drills, Attachments and Saws.

We also repair and refurbish Synthes Surgical Drills, Attachments and Saws.  

Attachment Lock Burr Locating Pin
Attachment LockBurr Locating Pin

Synthes 512.1, Attachment Lock

Synthes 511.75, Burr Locating Pin



Cam Pin Collar Screw
Cam PinCollar Screw

Synthes Chuck Addaptor, Cam Pin

Synthes, Collar Screw



Head Bushing Hose Barb
Head BushingHose Barb

Synthes 511.8, Head Bushing

Synthes 519.53, Hose Barb




Hose Barb Hose Body
Hose BarbHose Body

Synthes 519.53S, Hose Barb

Synthes 519.515, Hose Body



Hose Intake Stem Lock Screw
Hose Intake StemLock Screw

Synthes 512.1, Hose Intake Stem

Synthes 532.021, Lock Screw



Main Input Shaft Release Collar Ring
Main Input ShaftRelease Collar Ring

Synthes 511.701, Main Input Shaft

Synthes 511.2, Release Collar Ring



T Handle Torque Limiter
T HandleTorque Limiter

Synthes 393.1, T Handle

Synthes 511.3, Torque Limiter




Trigger Shaft Valve Stem
Trigger ShaftValve Stem

Synthes 511.701, Trigger Shaft

Synthes 511.71, Valve Stem



Burr Stop Chuck Shank
Burr StopChuck Shank

Synthes 511.11, Burr Stop

Synthes 511.783, Chuck Shank

Heat Treated




Chuck Shank Collet Compressor
Chuck ShankCollet Compressor

Synthes 511.73, Chuck Shank

Synthes 511.79, Collet Compressor 



Motor Plate Synthes Vane
Motor PlateSynthes Vane

Synthes 511.10 511.11, Motor Plate

Synthes, Motor Vane

PKG. of 6




Wire Guide Pin
Wire Guide Pin

Synthes 511.79, Wire Guide Pin